Olga Reiff

After completing her studies in Innsbruck, Olga moves to Luxembourg with her husband and begins working for many years as a freelance translator and editor. From 2011 she takes numerous courses and further training in the field of children’s literature and illustration and is currently mainly working as a writer and illustrator, making a long-cherished dream of hers come true. 

Her first children’s book “Bim & Anna” was published by Editions Guy Binsfeld in 2018 and presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019, followed by “Dem Eco seng Rees”, written by Alex Fohl, and “Mein Papa hieß Michel”, written by Simone Thill. A fourth children’s book is on the way… Her illustrations are made in ink and watercolor or digitally. 

In her readings and workshops, Olga also conveys the joy of storytelling and writing.  

In Bâtiment4’ shared artspace, Olga is looking for new forms of expression that give space to her preference for organic lines and the casual play of color and form. The inspiration she receives from her colleagues leads her down ever new paths to explore. Thus, she offers her skills as a children’s book author and leader of school workshops as part of an emerging collaboration with Nuit de la Culture 2022.  

In addition, Olga is working on an illustrated manual for a Luxembourg NGO in the field of education and development. 

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