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Join the B4

We, the bâtisseurs of the Bâtiment4, are  :

ACollective, formed by associations and their members. Responsibility for the project is shared between the associations, their members and the public. The collective is based on inter-cooperation: decisions are made collectively and co-creation and across-the-board participation are always a priority. The building is administratively and financially managed by frEsch and on a day-to-day basis by the Collective, a governing Council and theme-based circles.

Every day we make, a place dedicated to artistic and cultural creation and social innovation: Bâtiment4 is a cultural and socio-cultural third place that considers artistic creation as a force for social innovation. It is also a laboratory and a place for research: alive and buzzing, Bâtiment4 is characterized by freedom and trial and error, both for the occupants and the public. The goal is really to make an effort rather than to commercialise products or disseminate finalized artistic creations. 

It is also a place of sharing, citizen participation, amateur practice and transmission for all. It is a space where everything invites us to become “players”. B4 thus encourages spontaneous initiatives by the occupants and the public. 

We encourage all without distinction to come and contribute to construction and collective life: everyone wherever they come from, whatever their language, origin, status, age, sexual orientation or gender, is welcome. Admission is free at the usual opening times and low prices are recommended for activities proposed by the associations. 

The Bâtiment4 thus plays a role in its environment by promoting inter-cooperation between its occupants and the public with other institutions and third-places in the region. 

The project is driven by the following values: creativity, inter-cooperation and co-creation, the desire to outline a more open and supportive society, based on acknowledgement, respect, acceptance and appreciation of Others; the desire to establish a shared culture and a “cultural democracy”; and lastly, the constant focus on building an ecological and resilient world. 

Permanent, temporary or occasional bâtisseurs :

Subscribe unreservedly to all of these founding principles; 

Are invited to develop their own projects while contributing to the collective project. This particularly means being active in the collective and participating actively at meetings of members of B4 (relative to time spent at B4 and the space occupied at B4).