Yoga Maya

The Bâtiment4 presents an opportunity to practice yoga in a creative environment where art, music and a variety of talents come together. The idea is to provide classes for people from different social backgrounds and occasionally to present charity events. 

The principal message of yoga, which consists in coming together and connecting with oneself, will be put into practice in the power yoga at the Bâtiment4.

Power yoga is a course for more experienced yoga practitioners and people in good physical condition. 30 minutes of different sun salutations will work on all the muscles, warming them up for the stretches. We will then do sitting and lying poses, with a nice long relaxation (Shavasana) at the end. There is a different theme each week. The instructor is highly experienced with different people and different styles of yoga (with training in: hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, jivamukti) and so every effort will be made to adapt the poses (asanas) and lessons to the needs of each person.   

Power yoga: Tuesday 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm, 16.50/lesson (one free lesson if you enrol for a trimester)  

Information and enrolment: 621756080 or .