IWHO (Intangible World Heritage Organization) is an association that developed around a multicultural community of musicians who happened to at the University of Luxembourg.   

Its goal is to honour and showcase the traditional practices of native cultures from all over the world, based on the intuition that several responses to our future challenges can be found in our ancient, often forgotten, cultural practices. 

For its BELONG project in the context of Esch22, sponsored by the Grand Duchess Charlotte National Aid Body, IWHO aims to provide multicultural communities in Luxembourg and the region with a feeling of belonging by embracing their cultural heritage. 

BELONG invites international artists to Luxembourg to introduce various forms of exotic arts and engages local artists in workshops where they exchange around the music and dance of their countries and cultures, while preparing live performances of world music. 

In Building 4, musicians from all over the world will be hosted in order to present and teach their traditional music, and will be invited to play and record clips and pieces with local artists.