All Reitz Reserved

Electric violins, synthesizers, drum machines and cables… lots of cables. Those are some of the things you’ll most likely see first when entering Chris Reitz’ workspace at Batiment4. He has found himself a home base amidst other creatives, where he turned a concrete box in to a creative project studio. Working in a dedicated workspace for the first time since making the move to become a freelance musician in 2017 has had a major boost on his creative output. Batiment4 has quickly become a place for composing and producing music for his main creative outlet: AllReitzReserved. This electronic solo project especially embraces the performative aspects of moody electronica ranging from ambient to down tempo and deep house. Growing up in the south of Luxembourg, Chris is also part of Esch’s local Folk/New-Country outfit ZERO POINT FIVE. You’ll either find Chris performing somewhere in the greater region, recording sounds in the woods or with a cup of steaming hot coffee in his studio working on some music. Let’s be honest, usually there’s music and coffee involved.